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TYPO3 6.0 around the corner - wait.. what?

It looks like the TYPO3 project will make an unexpexted big leap in its version number by the end of this year, when TYPO3 6.0 will supersede the by then recent version 4.7. Basically version 4.8 was just renamed to 6.0, but what will this imply?

5.0 will be omitted

The TYPO3 rewrite based on FLOW3 lost its 5.0 version number some time ago and is currently known under the working title TYPO3 Phoenix. At the time writing this, it's unclear how the completely new CMS will be named when it's released.

Within the 4.x branch there will be a release of 4.7 this April, following the biannual release cycle which exists since 4.3. According to this cycle the next release will be scheduled for October or November 2012 and as statet in the article published last night by the TYPO3 Core Team this upcoming release will be version 6.0.

TYPO3 5.0 was blocking breaking changes

According to the TYPO3 release policy a minor version release (e.g. from 4.6 to 4.7) has certain limits in introducing breaking changes. Given such a change, the old variant has to be supported for at least the next 3 versions. This compatibility effort can make it hard or even impossible to introduce big changes.

However the option to release a new major version was blocked, because 5.0 was dedicated to the complete TYPO3 rewrite since 2006. Now that we know that TYPO3 Phoenix won't be a real successor of the 4.x branch, it seems legit and consequent to overcome this blockade with 6.0 to make it easier to implement big new features like FAL.

What about my certification?

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TYPO3 6.0 around the corner - wait.. what?

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