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Custom Content Elements I

The content elements shipped with TYPO3 like "Text & Images" or "File Links" are defined in the so called TCA (Table Configuration Array). By manipulating this array you can modify existing content elements or even create completely new ones - without TemplaVoilà.

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TYPO3 6.0 around the corner - wait.. what?

It looks like the TYPO3 project will make an unexpexted big leap in its version number by the end of this year, when TYPO3 6.0 will supersede the by then recent version 4.7. Basically version 4.8 was just renamed to 6.0, but what will this imply?

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Write custom Fluid ViewHelpers I

Among the standard repertoire of ViewHelpers shipped with Fluid, that are directly usable, you are also able to develop your custom ViewHelpers. This can be done quicker and easier than you probably think.

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direct_mail: Prevent invoking the mailer manually

When you use direct_mail to send Newsletters regularly and in a big number you probably should use a cronjob to send the mails. But there is still an option Invoke Mailer Engine in the Mailer Engine Status module, which can be used by hand to start the mailing process. However there might be complications when a user launches the mailer simultaneously to the cronjob and both processes run through the addresses left. Fortunatelly you can disable the manual sending option.

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