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direct_mail: Prevent invoking the mailer manually

When you use direct_mail to send Newsletters regularly and in a big number you probably should use a cronjob to send the mails. But there is still an option Invoke Mailer Engine in the Mailer Engine Status module, which can be used by hand to start the mailing process. However there might be complications when a user launches the mailer simultaneously to the cronjob and both processes run through the addresses left. Fortunatelly you can disable the manual sending option.

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When I built this blog I failed to find a good TYPO3 extension for comments. sk_pagecomments, which i chose first, was always intended to be just a temporary solution. I decided to use no spam protection because sk_pagecomments only supported Captchas that forced users to type the depicted letters. Without protection the spam soon became pretty bad and I had to turn off the comments function.

So I began to work on a modern comments extension. Today I want to present the current state of work to you.

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The connection between the description of a page (meta description) and the snippets in a Google search result page often is not obvious to online editors. The TYPO3 extension serppreview visualizes a preview of that right in the Backend and indicates whether the description will be shortened.

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Shorturls for Downloading TYPO3 Sources

When installing TYPO3 on your webserver it's good to load the sources directly from Sourceforge using wget. Unfortunatelly you have to look up the long URLs first. But now you can use the following Short URLs instead.

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