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When I built this blog I failed to find a good TYPO3 extension for comments. sk_pagecomments, which i chose first, was always intended to be just a temporary solution. I decided to use no spam protection because sk_pagecomments only supported Captchas that forced users to type the depicted letters. Without protection the spam soon became pretty bad and I had to turn off the comments function.

So I began to work on a modern comments extension. Today I want to present the current state of work to you.


Similar to sk_pagecomment, commentsplus has just to be put on a TYPO3 page to provide a comment function for it. Because in this blog all blog posts reside on a separate TYPO3 page, this fitted my personal need very good. But also will it be possible to enable the usage with tt_news or other extensions, this is just not implemented yet.


In contrast to other TYPO3 extensions, commentsplus takes care of a modern treatment of different kinds of comments spam.

On the one hand you have to fight automated spam, which is done by robots filling out the fields and submitting the form - commonly thousands of times in a row. But instead of using kryptic letter puzzles, commentsplus uses a so called honeypot input field. That means an additional field is produced that is invisible to humans but can hardly be distinguished from the regular fields by a robot. Because of the fact that robots mostly fill out all fields, it will also fill out the invisible one. And that's where the robot is trapped - if the honeypot field is filled out, the post is recognized as spam. This is already implemented. Additionally mechanisms are planned, that avoid posting duplicate posts or many posts in a short span of time.

Reputation system

On the other hand one has also to deal with trolls, SEO spammers and other "manual" spammers, that cannot be sorted out by captchas because they're humans. Especially SEO spammers are attracted if you display links, provided by commentors, as follow (i.e. not with a rel="nofollow" attribute). Of course you can use nofollow for all links as an easy solution. However it can also be a good approach to reward your readers for their good comments with a bit of "link juice".

commentsplus includes a reputation system, which consideres the genuine comments done by a user yet to decide whether new comments have to be moderated or are activated immediatelly and whether Links are followed or not. Of course the reputation system is free configurable.


Of course I'm using Extbase and Fluid for developing commentsplus. The extension is simply more flexible and easier to extend. For example, if you miss the emoticons from sk_pagecomments you can easily implement them with a ViewHelper - the same applies for custom captchas.

commentsplus requires TYPO3 4.6 as a minimum.


commentsplus just hit the forge and of course you can download, test it and report bugs and feature requests.

At the moment I can't really tell how much time I can put into the further development, but in any case I want to release a 1.0 to the TER by the end of this year. It will include a more fine tuned reputation system.

Thanks for testing.


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