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direct_mail: Prevent invoking the mailer manually

When you use direct_mail to send Newsletters regularly and in a big number you probably should use a cronjob to send the mails. But there is still an option Invoke Mailer Engine in the Mailer Engine Status module, which can be used by hand to start the mailing process. However there might be complications when a user launches the mailer simultaneously to the cronjob and both processes run through the addresses left. Fortunatelly you can disable the manual sending option.


The following line can be used one page level (PageTS) as well as on user / user group level (UserTS):

mod.web_modules.dmail.menu.dmail_mode.mailengine.disable_trigger = 1

As usual UserTS takes precedence over PageTS. This will give you full control over the access to this feature.


It seems this option was documented in a former version of direct_mail. However I was not able to spot it in the current version.

direct_mail: Prevent invoking the mailer manually

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